July 8, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

Nancy Gallas was hired as the Manager of Training for the Interactive Division of Innuity, Inc. in August, 2000. Due to the extreme pressures at that time of increasing our organization, she was not afforded much in the way of guidance or supervision for our training needs. However, in a matter of weeks, she had ascertained our skill gaps and needs and completely designed a week-long training for our sales associates. Her New Hire training encompassed excellent product training on all our diverse and complicated products and also included sales techniques, business planning and customer service training. Management found her Leadership and Management modules effective and right on target.

Nancy has an excellent personality for training. She is able to create a comfortable environment while maintaining full participation at all times. She demonstrated time and time again she can work well under extreme time limitations and demanding schedules. She is skilled, not only in a classroom environment, but with distance learning as well. She coordinated our online training program and our channel partner sales support learning portal.

Nancy consistently showed an eagerness to take on any task handed to her and even helped in product development of our latest softward application. She wrote the technical manaual along with the customer User's Guide.

I would happily recommend Nancy to any employer. She is a joy to work with and was an invaluable member of our team.

Jason Hays
President, Innuity Interactive (503) 849-3118


November 1, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

As Training Manager for Coldwater Creek Inc., I worked with Nancy Gallas for approximately three years. In the first few months, I chose Nancy to work on special projects for the Training Department. Shortly after that, because of the excellent work Nancy produced, she was offered the position of Training Coordinator. The title may not accurately represent her duties as she was responsible for the design and development of several programs as well as actual presentation and facilitation. I found Nancy to be highly creative and motivated to meet multiple project deadlines. Nancy was a key player in implementing a distance learning system at Coldwater Creek. Not only did she help select appropriate equipment, she designed training methodologies to meet this new medium. She also assisted with, and solely managed, the production of several videos from concept to finished product. Currently, I am the Director of Training and Organizational Development for West Marine Products. If I had an open position that could take advantage of Nancy's skills and enthusiastic attitude, I would not hesitate to try and persuade her to join our team.

Kelly Purves, Director of Training and Organizational Development, West Marine Products (831)728.2700.


November 3, 1999

RE: Character reference Nancy Gallas Sandpoint, ID

To Whom It May Concern: At some point in time a few months ago I had the opportunity to meet a very unique individual. She came to my center with a mind full of ideas and a desire to apply them to everything she did. At first I didn't know what to make of this person. She attended almost every class that CompUSA offered, but on the evaluation exams at the end of the classes she was passing with near perfect scores. A feat that hadn't been done till up to that point. I found this odd, because most people cant absorb information after just six hours of training and apply it to a hands on test. After one of the classes I decided to see what she remembered about everything she had learned up to that point. I asked her to do a little homework. I wanted her to design and publish a web site in one night. To my amazement the next day when I came into the office I had an email telling me the URL to her site. I think that shows drive and self-initiative. Both of which are fine qualities. It was so wonderful to see a student taking such pride in her work. I guess a little explaining is in order. Nancy Gallas has been training at CompUSA's technical training center to become an Internet Webmaster and Networking specialist. I was responsible for part of the web design side. If I had to say one thing about Nancy, which sticks out above the rest, it would be that she picks up things so rapidly. She took information assimilation to the next level. I couldn't believe how rapidly she learned things compared to the rest of the students. I know that if it hadn't been for the fact that she lives in SandPoint, ID we would have hired her as a trainer. All in all, I guess that a skillful and devoted perspective employee such as Nancy Gallas shouldn't be over looked. If you have any questions or desire more information please call me. My office number is (509) 323-3350.

Respectfully, Michael B. Myers Lead Trainer CompUSA Inc.


November 2, 1999

To Whom it may concern:

This letter is written on behalf of Nancy Gallas who has been a co-worker of mine for the past two years. We have worked together in a very high stress, positive retail/catalog environment in the areas of training and customer service/product development. During that time, Nancy has exemplified the ideal team player and has consistently portrayed those traits that are so essential to a productive work environment. She excels in areas of leadership and self-discipline and is always highly supportive of her team members. Nancy has developed superb skills in her communication techniques , both written and verbal and consistently presents herself in the most positive and enthusiastic manner when training . She is extremely effective in curriculum development and her level of creativity by far exceeds the norm. The "best of the best" would describe Nancy's client centered service ethic. Her positive and supportive manner is evident to all her team members. Nancy has actively pursued and developed every training opportunity presented to further hone her skills and qualifications such as budgeting, inventory control and all facets of module development and telecom training. She is eager to assist co-workers with desk top needs and would be highly qualified to teach end users the skills necessary to meet any criteria. Eagerness to achieve and an overall desire to develop technical skills in others are two of Nancy's most outstanding qualities. I would give her the highest recommendation as a co-worker and as an accomplished trainer. She would be a true asset to any company involved in providing leading edge visual communications. If you have further questions for me, I can be reached at 208 265 3115 or email address brodgers@thecreek.com.

Sincerely, Bette Rodgers-Bruckler Assistant Buyer, HOME catalog

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